Lake Martin Water Level

April 27th is the date that Lake Martin is scheduled to reach its full pool level of 490.0 MSL. Reaching that full pool level on time depends on Spring precipitation. Lake Martin has not reached that level every year in the past and there has been a lot of discussion over the last decade about implementing a new rule curve for lake levels. Alabama Power has a website that does a great job of showing historical water levels and the current rule curve that is the guideline for Lake Martin water levels. Click here to view the graph.

Lake Martin Dam
The Dam at Lake Martin

With a current lake level of 488.25, as of April 4th, it looks like we are on schedule to hit the mark this year.

Water depth is a big factor on the pricing of water front property on Lake Martin. Lot size, view and privacy must also be considered when considering the price of a home or lot on the lake. If you are interested in information on Lake Martin properties to determine the current value of your lake property or if you are considering buying a piece of Lake Martin, I would be happy to send you the most current information on current listings and recently closed transactions.


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